Heat! Hot! Humidity! Yep, you get the picture. Fishing during the summer months here in Florida has its fare share of challenges but for those anglers that are early risers the rewards far exceed the risks. First off, who doesn’t love a good sunrise? Now throw in an awesome topwater bite to go along with that. That’s my idea of an epic morning. Just remember no one says you have to fish all day to be successful!

Seasoned anglers understand that although we as humans become sluggish when temps rise during the summer months, fish become super charged as warmer water temps typically speed up a fish’s metabolism meaning they have to eat more and often. Eat! Hunt! Eat! Hunt! This process goes on and on day in and day out as most fish feed like crazy this time of year, as they know the winter months are not far away.


Those anglers heading out on to the flats between Crystal River and Homosassa will notice acres worth of bait pods on the surface most of which are made up of small glass minnows and threadfins. Birds such as Terns and Pelicans will often find these bait pods first, but as these hungry birds crash the surface hungry predatory fish will not be far behind looking for a similar meal. Mackerel, Bluefish, False Albacore, Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Snook all are on the hunt within these bait schools.

Successful anglers have been throwing smaller topwater baits such as Zara Puppy Spooks and Mirolure TopDog Jr’s to entice strikes. While fly guys love (I mean LOVE!!!!!) throwing small white Gurglers!!! Its all about”matching the hatch” and there is nothing more exciting to fly anglers than having a hefty fish smash a fly on the surface.


So if you’re keen to an early morning get up and get after it this summer!!! You can’t catch a fish in the comfort of your own home while reading this Amazing Report!!!!



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