Usually, when fly anglers think of Nature Coast fly fishing opportunities, anglers immediately think of Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Tarpon.  However, most anglers would be shocked to know that the Snook fishing along thecoast of Crystal River and Homosassa is some of the most productive in Florida. While Redfish and Tarpon may be the more sought after saltwater species for anglers wielding a fly rod, they’re far from being the only inshore options available. In fact, the southern most portion of Florida’s Big Bend is home to some of the largest Snook in Florida and they will readily take a fly when the conditions are right.

Nature Coast Snook can be found on nearly every fish-attracting structure along the coast.  Although most Snook can be found roaming the shallow grass flats throughout the Nature Coast, sight fishing fly anglers will find the fresh water docks, springs and creeks emptying into inshore bays to be the most productive.

After years of targeting Nature Coast Snook on fly, Capt. Kyle has discovered techniques and unique fly patterns that have turned resident Snook into ideal fly fishing candidates. The Nature Coast is extremely lucky to have such an aggressive population of Snook that are capable of drag screaming runs, as well as gravity-defying leaps and are susceptible to a variety of fly patterns.