Top 3 Reasons to Fish the Nature Coast during the 2023 Spring Season


Incredible Weather:


Florida’s winter season tiptoed on by this year. Gone are the memories of the extreme freeze in December as abnormally warm weather has settled in along the Nature Coast since the start of the New Year. It’s well known that Florida has incredible weather almost year round but consistent high temperatures hovering around the 80’s since February has spoiled even the most diehard snowbirds.

The geographical location at which the Nature Coast lies along Florida’s West Coast uniquely helps contribute to its great weather. The small fishing towns of Crystal River and Homosassa are located far enough north along the coast that they do not see the extreme heat spells that south Florida is famous for but they are located just far enough to the south that they tend to experience incredibly mild winter weather.


With over 300 great weather days annually the Nature Coast is the place to be for great weather and fishing.


Pristine Water Quality For Sight Fishing:


Here along the Nature Coast, anglers will find that our waterways still remain pristine and full of life. The gin clear waters that have made our flats famous for over a century still produce great sight fishing opportunities for species such as Snook, Redfish, Speckled Trout and Tarpon.

The worries of Red Tide are nonexistent here due in part to the lack of development and the large volume of fresh water that pumps daily through our springs as it makes its way into the Gulf. For those of you that have never heard of Red Tide, Red Tide is a harmful algae bloom that does its damage by choking off the oxygen supply to a particular area of water thus killing off a majority of plants and fish within its range. These harmful situations are usually regionalized in areas of south Florida where growth has gotten out of control.


On a brighter note: Imagine fishing in an aquarium that was extremely well taken care of with plenty of fish, under water plants, and an abundance of other creatures such as starfish, sponges, corals, shrimp, crabs, and seahorses. That describes our beautiful waterways in a nutshell and it’s worth the trip just to see a healthy coastline.


Variety of Species:


One fish, two fish, Redfish, Bluefish. Now add 18 other great species and that’s exactly what visiting anglers can expect as the Nature Coast is a true “Bucket List” destination. With every season ringing in different opportunities for anglers it’s extremely difficult to get bored when multiple species are readily available. How about targeting Largemouth Bass in the morning, before targeting Redfish and Snook around lunchtime, only to run out a few miles and tangle into a Cobia or Grouper to round out an afternoon? When we talk about many species we’re talking about freshwater, inshore, and offshore species all mixed into one day.

What an incredible place to stay, play and fish!!!



Capt. Kyle Messier

Reel Florida Fishing Charters

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