Tarpon fever has officially hit the Nature Coast and Reel Florida Fishing Charters is feeling the effects of this horrible sickness. Sleep deprivation, Hallucinations, and Exhaustion, are just a few of the terrible symptoms, but after staring at acres and acres of rolling, tailing and feeding Tarpon over the last few weeks this long awaited infection is a welcomed sign!!! Stay tuned to REELFLORIDACHARTERSS.COM as well as our FaceBook page for all the up to date fishing photos and videos from this upcoming Tarpon season.

When Reel Florida Fishing Charters is not chasing the Silver Kings we are doing our best to work on some of the best inshore species along the West Coast of Florida. Redfish, Speckled Trout and Sharks are our top targets at the moment (other than Tarpon) and opportunities to catch all three within a day of fishing are occurring on a regular basis. With beautiful weather, crystal clear waters and great tides making up the bulk of May fishing now is a great time to experience some of the best fishing the Nature Coast has to offer.


With shallow water sight fishing being the preferred method of choice during the month of May and Redfish and Sharks all preferring the sheltered and shallow waters of the local flats stretching from Homosassa to Crystal River now is a great time to hit the skinny water for some Awesome drag screaming action. When hitting the skinny water remember to stalk up on a variety of baits. I for one love Gulps! and Live Shrimp but as the water continues to warm Pinfish become a more prevalent species on the flats and can make quick work of a shrimp in a matter of seconds. That being said now is a great time to consider catching a few Ladyfish, Lizardfish, or Mullet before your outing. Cutbait is great bait for both Redfish and Sharks and considering that most cut bait species are very prevalent this time of year it never hurts to put a bend in the rod before you hit the serious fishing.

Considering school is almost out what better way to enjoy the day than taking a kid fishing. Whether you take a kid out to catch a little extra bait for the day or you bring them along for the added bonus of a great Speckled Trout fishing bite, exposing a child to the wonderful world of the Nature Coast could bring lasting memories for all. Speaking of Speckled Trout, with water temperatures continuing to climb most Speckled Trout are making a mad dash to exit the shallow waters of the flats in search of deeper more consistent water and temperatures. During these massive pushes many of the outer/deeper grass flats that we normally fish for Spanish Mackerel in the spring and fall can load up with these tasty, toothy fish. I for one love to throw Live Shrimp on a Cajun Thunder on the outer most edges of these grassy areas (depending on the tide). Normally you will know right away if you have hit the right grassy spot on an area. It doesn’t take long for a Trophy Trout to find a wounded shrimp and more often than not where there is one Speckled Trout there are more fish along the same piece of real estate.


May is a magical time of year for fishing. Some of my fondest fishing memories have occurred during this month and I hope that I can create a few memories for my customers as well. So if you are interested in long drag screaming runs and unforgettable fishing experiences contact Reel Florida Fishing Charters today. We are in the fishing Memories Business.